Tools EL-CELL offers useful tools to make your life as a battery researcher easier.


EL-CELL offers useful tools to make your life as a battery researcher easier.

What is the right tool diameter for your test cells?


High precision cutting pliers to eliminate torn and chipped electrode edges.

  • Perfectly cut electrodes
  • Electrode thickness: max. 300 μm (for coatings on Al and Cu foil (may vary for other support materials))
  • Any size (diameter) from 6 to 40 mm. Different shapes (e.g. squared) are available on request

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Attachment for the EL-Cut to speed up the cutting process and reduce cutting scrap.

  • Compatible to any EL-Cut diameter up to 22 mm
  • Very easy assembling to El-Cut, no tools required

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Punching tool for lithium foil.

  • For punching precise and flat lithium discs
  • Standard size for EL-CELL test cells: 18 mm
    Other sizes available on request

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Tool for loading reference materials such as lithium metal into ECC series test cells .

  • Suitable for ECC-Ref, ECC-Combi, ECC-Air(-Ni), ECC-DEMS, ECC-Press(-DL), ECC Press-Air(-DL) ECC-Press-Aqu(-DL), ECC-Press-Air-Aqu(-DL), ECC-Opto-Std, ECC-Opto-SBS
  • Ref cleaning toll set available

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Electrode alignment and assembly tool

  • Highly precise alignment of the two electrodes
  • Suitable for electrodes of 18 mm diameter
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for ECC-Std and ECC-Press-Air(-DL)

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Metal seal mounting kit

Tool kit for using metal seals in PAT series test cells

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