Specialized PAT-Cell for testing simultaneously with two reference electrodes.

The PAT-Cell-TwinRef is a special version of the PAT-Cell supporting the use of a second reference electrode. This way you can simultaneously measure with two reference electrodes, for instance with LFP and LTO. Since both ring electrodes are arranged face-to-face, their SOC can be easily adjusted.

The image below shows the components of the specialized PAT-Core design for the PAT-Cell-TwinRef.

Component overview of the PAT-Cell-TwinRef insulation sleevesComponent overview of the PAT-Cell-TwinRef insulation sleeves

PAT-Cell-TwinRef overview


Ability for conducting long-term half cell measurements with two reference electrodes

No need for cleaning or drying cell components due to single-use concept

Compatible with any potentiostat or battery tester.

Diameter 49.5 mm
Height 73.1 mm
Weight 0.4 kg
Electrode diameter 18 mm
Temperature resistance -20 to 70° C

Compatible PAT docking stations


All connections/ signals of the PAT-Cell-TwinRef are available at the cell bottom.All connections/ signals of the PAT-Cell-TwinRef are available at the cell bottom.

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