Test cell for time-resolved gas analysis. For Li-air and conventional Li-ion chemistries.

Our test cell dedicated to the in-situ gas analysis in aprotic Li-air and conventional Li-ion systems.

The ECC-DEMS features a current collector with a spiral-shaped flow-field that is to be constantly purged with a gentle stream of inert gas. Gases evolved or consumed at the working electrode may be analysed through the composition change of the gas stream that is to be passed along the spiral-type flow field below the working electrode. The composition of the outgoing gas can be analyzed by e.g. mass spectrometry.
The ECC-DEMS cell provides almost perfect plug-flow of the purge gas being essential for quantitative time-resolved analysis. Pressure gradient between cell headroom and spiral-type flow field effectively prevents back-mixing and ensures best possible time resolution.

ECC-DEMS overview


Operation with or without reference electrode

High precision 18 mm diameter sandwich geometry with <0.1 mm electrode concentricity

Reliable low leakage sealing with PE washers

Easy and reliable electrolyte filling during assembly

Fast assembly and dismantling and easy cleaning of cell components

Electrodes are easily accessible for post-mortem analysis

Reusable cell components except for PE seal

Adjustable, reproducible and homogeneous mechanical pressure on electrodes

Materials in media contact are stainless steel 1.4404 and PEEK (other materials on request)

Delivery scope
Component Order no.
ECC-DEMS test cell with bracket
Accessories kit:
PE Seal (10 pcs.) ECC1-00-0053-A/X
Glass fiber separator 18 mm diameter, 1.55 mm thick (10 pcs.) ECC1-01-0012-C/X
Nut (2 pcs.) ECC1-00-0125-A
Ferrule 1.6 (2 pcs.) ECC1-00-0029-E
Sleeve removing tool ECC1-00-0092-A
Heat Resistance Set

The Heat Resistance Set increases the temperature range for testing with the ECC-DEMS to 150 °C.

Package content
Heat Resistance Set (ECC-Series) ECC1-01-0040-A
ECC-Series Cell Cable Set HT ECE-00-0037-B
HT Foot (heat resistant), (3 pcs) ECC1-00-0065-B
PTFE Seal (ECC Series), (10 pcs) ECC1-00-0053-B/X
Spare parts

Test cell


Recommended tools


Ref loading tool – Useful tool for conveniently loading the Ref-sleeve

Product details


Punching tool for lithium foil

Product details


High precision cutting pliers to eliminate torn and chipped electrode edges

Product details

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