Heated chamber for four PAT-Cell HT

The PAT-Heater-4 is a heated docking station connecting up to 4 PAT-Cell-HT to any potentiostat or battery tester. The working temperature is adjustable from 10°C above ambient temperature up to 200°C. The PAT-Heater-4 saves wiring effort, because it is not necessary to renew the connection between cell and potentiostat for every battery test. However the easy-to-access banana sockets at the side of the docking station allow for flexible wiring.

The PAT-Heater-4 is the temperature controlled docking station for parallel electrochemical tests with high temperatures up to 200°C.

Please note that only PAT-Cell-HT test cells can be used in the PAT-Heater-4. You cannot use other PAT test cells there to prevent damage to cell components that are not designed for high temperatures.

PAT-Heater-4 overview


Heated chamber from 10°C above ambient temperature up to 200°C

4 x 1 docking station for up to four PAT-Cell-HT

Compatible with all of today´s multi-channel potentiostats and battery testers

Can be placed on the bench or inside a glove box

Flexible wiring due to easy-to-access banana sockets

Saves wiring effort

Height 230 mm
Width 400 mm
Depth 265 mm
Weight 14 kg (without test cells)
Operating temperature range 20 to 200° C


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