Docking station with minimized dimensions

The PAT-Clamp-1 is our smallest docking station for a single PAT test cell. It was developed for tight space constraints. The socket can be left connected permanently to a common potentiostat or battery tester using 2 mm banana sockets or Sub-D connector.
Therefore, there is no need to renew the connection between cell and potentiostat for every battery test. It also fits perfectly into any climate chamber with a cable feed-through and can be placed inside a glovebox. The cell is inserted and removed by bending up the clamp.

The PAT-Clamp-1 allows immediate functional testing of all PAT series test cells with smallest possible footprint. Typically, it is used in combination with a high-throughput solution. For instance, 16 PAT-Cells can be cycled in parallel in a PAT-Chamber-16 connected by a third-party battery tester without impedance capability. In that case, the impedance of each test cell can be measured before and after the cycle test in the PAT-Clamp-1 connected to the PAT-Tester-x or another impedance analyzer.

PAT-Clamp-1 overview



Socket for one PAT series test cell (charge / discharge / EIS compatible)

Compatible with PAT-Tester-x and any other potentiostat and battery tester

Can be used inside a glove box environment

Fits into tight spaces

Flexible wiring via 2 mm banana sockets

Saves wiring effort and space in the lab

Height 81/110 mm (without/with PAT-Cell)
Width 105 mm
Depth 113 mm
Weight approx. 0.56/0.96 kg (without/with PAT-Cell)
Temperature resistance -20 to 70° C


Size comparison PAT-Stand-1 and PAT-Clamp-1Size comparison PAT-Stand-1 and PAT-Clamp-1

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