Who we are

Who we are and what we do

Does your business include the development of innovative energy storage?

Are you working with supercapacitors?

Are you researching lithium-ion batteries?

Then we are the appropriate partner for you.

EL-Cell GmbH offers electrochemical test equipment and services to academics and professionals who conduct high quality battery research at the leading edge of knowledge. Our combination of mechanical and electrochemical expertise has created a unique environment for producing electrochemical test equipment of the highest quality.

EL-Cell GmbH was founded by Dipl.-Ing. Michael Hahn and Dr. Matthias Hahn. Michael is a distinguished mechanical engineer with 20 years of experience and is responsible for product designs. His brother Matthias has a PhD in physical chemistry and has gained over 15 years of extensive research experience as an electrochemist working for Honeywell, Daimler, and the Paul-Scherrer-Institute.

We engineer and manufacture products for researchers in academia as well as professionals in industry. Our main focus is on lithium-ion batteries, but we also design test cells for other energy storage technologies. We can customize our devices and tools according to your individual purpose and create solutions for specific experiments.

Our close collaboration with leading battery researchers worldwide enables us to continuously advance and optimize our products and services. Based on this intense exchange, the diversity of test cells addressing many different needs keeps increasing. The range varies from batteries for aprotic or aqueous electrolytes to capacitor systems for doing two- and three-electrode tests, gas and pressure experiments, optical measurements and investigation of charge-induced strain (electrode thickness change). Tools are also available for a more productive and accurate experimentation process.

Besides the hardware, EL-Cell GmbH also provides a wide range of services. Our professional electrochemical research laboratory is equipped with a glove box, several potentiostats, test cells, and tools to run different electrochemical experiments. With this equipment, we are able to operate at the high standards needed in academia and industry.

Moreover, EL-Cell GmbH holds seminars and trainings to support researchers and professionals in effectively utilizing our products and for achieving optimal results from their experiments.

EL-CELL corporate building in Hamburg, GermanyEL-CELL corporate building in Hamburg, Germany
EL-CELL laboratory in Hamburg, GermanyEL-CELL laboratory in Hamburg, Germany

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